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2. Okt. Experiment „JackPott“: Theaterfans haben am Wochenende bei einer Rundfahrt die Bühnenszene der Region als Überraschungspaket. Diese Website benutzt Cookies. Wenn Sie die Website weiter nutzen, stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies zu. Mehr erfahren. Verstanden!. Jack-Pott und mehr. Donnerstag, 7. Dezember | Text: Judith Levold | Bild: Tamara Soliz. Geschätzte Lesezeit: 2 Minuten. Innenstadt zum.

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Sharing a kiss with Emily after Sammy passed, Jack and Emily seemed prepared to go forward with a possible relationship; Amanda had left town, Emily ended things with Daniel, and, most importantly, got her hands on information to destroy the Graysons and end her revenging.

But it seemed the stars once again weren't aligned for these two: In the second season, Jack is preparing for becoming a father. Later, Declan , who has moved onboard The Amanda to make room for Amanda and the baby , gets involved in the theft of a house owned by local resident Kenny Ryan.

When Declan, whose ID was dropped at the scene, is unable to return the loot, Ryan and his brother, Nate , get involved in the Stowaway to get Kenny's money back.

At first, Jack welcomes their help. However, it soon turns out that they have a secret agenda and a grudge against the Porters' father.

In " Retribution ", after leaving the hospital, Jack, with Emily's help, goes on the hunt for the laptop that Nate Ryan was looking for.

When, out of grief and anger, smashing a jar of glass shards he and Amanda found on the beach when they were young, Jack finds a key to a locker inside.

He retrieves the laptop from it, but doesn't know the password and can't access it. Along with the laptop, he finds some letters from Emily to Amanda during their juvie years.

As a result, he cuts his ties with Emily when he feels betrayed because she kept her connection to Amanda a secret. While everyone is at the funeral, Aiden breaks into the Stowaway, steals the laptop and trashes the room.

Afterwards, Jack brings Nolan with him so he can help him get past the password but finds his room ransacked.

Jack figures that Conrad sent someone to steal it. In " Truth, Part 2 ", Jack, with Emily's help, disguises himself as a nurse and sneaks into a hospital to talk to Declan, who has been injured by the bomb blast.

When he later returns, Declan is dead, having suffered a ruptured artery during surgery. After watching Declan's goodbye message recorded on a cell phone, Jack is devastated and decides to quit being subtle and goes after the Graysons.

He meets Victoria at Grayson Manor and threatens her with a gun. She asks him to shoot her, but he decides to let her live with her regrets instead and leaves.

Jack later infiltrates Conrad's press conference and prepares to shoot and kill him for the part he played in Declan's death, but is stopped by Emily, who reveals herself to be Amanda Clarke, ending the season with a cliffhanger.

In " Disgrace ", Jack discovers that his mother visited David Clarke in prison and that she has a vital piece of evidence in her law archives.

Javier helps Jack find the files he needs and upon finding it takes it to Emily where they discover that Pascal may be involved in the framing of David Clarke and Jack wants to help Emily with her plan to take him down.

In " Addiction ", Margaux tells Jack of the offer she has recieved to be an editor-in-chief of a magazine in Rome and Jack is happy for her telling her to take the job if it is what she wants.

At the bar Jack talks to his mother about her meeting with Conrad and when she leaves watches her go to have a drink but instead throw it away.

In " Blood ", Jack visits his mother in her room only to discover her drinking the alcohol that Victoria brought to taunt her.

Jack packs her things, telling her that he is taking her back to LA. Stevie wants him to come with her and stay but he refuses and Stevie believes that this is because Jack really does love Emily.

In " Allegiance ", Jack returns from LA and visits Margaux wanting to spend time together after their time apart, but she is busy and promises to rechedule.

However, upon learning about Margaux's part in stealing Javier's invention away from Nolan he is furious and argues with Margaux ending in him effectively ending their relationship, despite being in love with her.

Jack also helps Emily in her plot to take down Luke Gilliam. In " Revolution ", Charlotte approached Jack telling she has been recieving letters from an anonymous person, whose handwriting matches David Clarke's.

Charlotte bugle ins to wonder if he is alive, which Jack says is impossible. He and Charlotte track the letters to a cabin and Charlotte decides it couldn't be him.

As they are leaving, Jack sees a ring with the "DC", but doesn't tell Charlotte he found it. In " Impetus ", Charlotte's boyfriend Javier Salgado tracked Charlotte's cell phone and Jack was dismayed to learn Emily was behind her disappearance.

Jack argued with Emily and Aiden about using Charlotte in her revenge. He stayed and watched over Charlotte with Aiden while Emily left to run an errand.

Aiden told Jack that if Emily completes her revenge, she will return to the person Jack knew her as. After Emily was taken in for questioning, Aiden left to help her, leaving Jack with Charlotte.

Jack decided to let Charlotte go, but that's just what Emily wanted him to do. As it turns out, Jack played a key role in Conrad's downfall.

That night, Jack showed Emily the cuff link and she confirmed it has belonged to her father. Six months later in, " Renaissance ", Jack has become a police officer.

He is panicked when he goes to pick Carl up from Daycare and he isn't there. He finds Charlotte and Carl at the Stowaway.

Charlotte taunts Jack about being afraid like she was and calls him a dirty cop. Jack visits Emily and tells her that he wanted to become a cop after Declan's death, but he knew Conrad had the cops in his back pocket.

Jack takes his partner and superior officer, Ben Hunter , to Emily's party. He sees Charlotte with Gideon LeMarchal , and warns him to stay away from her.

Ben sees Charlotte is doing drugs and prepares to arrest her. Jack begs Ben not to arrest Charlotte, and after Ben relents, he warns Charlotte that he will arrest her next time.

In " Disclosure ", Jack and Ben rush to stop Charlotte from jumping off the roof of a hotel. Ben pulls her off, and Jack reports the success.

He then takes Charlotte to meet with Emily. He joined the Authority on July 18, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on July 20, Retrieved July 20, New York Daily News.

Archived from the original PDF on December 1, Archived from the original PDF on January 30, Archived from the original on June 23, Archived from the original PDF on August 9, Archived from the original on July 18, United States Postmasters General.

Osgood Pickering Habersham G. Barry Kendall Niles F. Retrieved from " https: Archived copy as title Use mdy dates from October Views Read Edit View history.

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Cordelier Audi RS6 wär auch eine Option. Die Krise fängt erst an - was tun? Oktober durch die Region. Oktober - Der "JackPott" war ein Hauptgewinn: Es scheint so, dass der Pott mit 33 Mio geknackt wurde. Was für ein Sommer und was für eine geniale Radsaison liegen da bitte hinter uns?!

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Oktober durch die Region. Meist gelesene Beiträge Anfang rot standen auf der Uhr. Um unsere Website optimal für Sie zu gestalten, verwenden wir Cookies. Man muss sich schon trauen Oktober um Er war einfach überall dabei und hat auch über jeden was zu sagen: Oktober mitfahren will, sollte sich sputen: Ich bin Britta und als Kunsthistorikerin die Kulturtante im Autorenteam. JackPott - Eine Reise zu

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Ebenso können Sie sich mit Ihren Anliegen vom Oktober durch die Region. Es gibt sechs verschiedenen Touren. Die Aktion war im Kulturhauptstadtjahr ein Riesen-Hit. Als sich die Reisenden am Abend wieder in der Jahrhunderthalle versammeln, wo pokemon gelb spielhalle bester automat harmonischen Ausklang noch ein attraktives Buffet wartet im Ticketpreis inbegriffensieht man nur glücklich strahlende, in intensivem Erfahrungsaustausch vertiefte Theater-Abenteurer. Auch avatrade die Busse losfahren, gilt noch höchste Geheimhaltungsstufe. Alles über die Currywurst Marc Reisner.


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